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"Successful people always invest in themselves."

Access Consciousness



Heal the unconscious blocks sabotaging your life's success and happiness. Let's work together.


The BARS are 32 points on the head where you have stored all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes that you thought were important in your lifetime. When you have your BARS run, it is like hitting the delete button on your computer. The brain waves slow down when you get your BARS run allowing behavioural  patterns, belief systems and points of view that you have been running from childhood or from other lifetimes to be accessed. You will start to become more present in your life and the past doesn't project into your future the same way. Your life will easily flow, you will feel light and free of worries and blocks, ready to start living an abundant LIFE! and By getting your BARS run you are changing the probabilities of future possibilities.









Access is a set of tools and processes that are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone. Consciousness includes everything without judgment. It is the willingness and capacity to be totally aware, totally present in all areas of your life. Consciousness is the ability to continually awaken to more possibility, more choice and more life.

The invitation of Access is to help you acknowledge you as the infinite being you truly are and to step into generating a life beyond the you, you think you are. As an infinite being all things are possible all the time and you have total choice.

Access Consciousness is about unlocking you from the polarity, imprisonment, conditioning and limitation of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Polarity keeps us from seeing things as they are so that we can't change what we would like to change. It keeps us functioning from the trauma and drama, the upset and intrigue of this reality.

Our addiction to polarity is one of the strongest addictions there is.

How often do you hear something that's exciting and inspiring and you know that you can do it and be it, but then this whole reality tells you that you can't and that it's impossible. The people who truly change reality are those who didn't listen to "It's impossible". They heard it non-stop and went.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing and create everything you deserve in life - greater than what you currently have, and more than you can imagine.

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