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How To Manifest Anything You Want & Create An Abundant Life.

Subscribe  and join our wonderful community of likeminded people. Take ownership of your life, stop struggling and start living the life of your dreams.


Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, with no limitations nor scarcity. The only limitations in life are the once we create ourselves. 


Here you will gain the strength, confidence and courage to build up the life you have always desired.


There has never been a better  time than now!

It is during challenging times where our consciousness, vibrational frequencies and belief system are shaken to the very core of our being. As a result, we feel lost, lonely, confused, angry, anxious, unsure of who we really are any more, and what our life purpose truly is.

Now, regardless of our level of achievements and success in life, we all, at one point or another need guidance, help, support, and a place we can go to and feel safe listened to and understood, without any judgment.

A place we can call... Our personal sacred place.

I have created that place just for you in my "Exclusive Members Gold Package"

How Incredibly Amazing!!!


Now... think about the enormous advantage in having the incredible opportunity and the ability to be guided, to learn new things, to explore new possibilities in your life, to develop and practice new skills such as meditation, mindfulness, breathing work, to have your own personal life, spiritual and relationship coach, to discover new healthy recipes, personal readings, retreats, to exchange ideas and your empowering stories with your fellow members, talks, healing sessions and much more.

Now... Imagine having all of that in your life from the comfort of your own home and at your own time.

How truly AMAZING is that??

During this personalised program, you will not only have the chance to meet new people, have fun and take advantage of an array of services but, most importantly, you will develop the winning mindset to overcome negativities and eliminate fears, doubts, anxiety and limiting beliefs which are preventing you from achieving the life you have always desired.

I am Maria Nicola Cristiano, I was born an intuitive and an empath. I have been a healer, a coach and a spiritual teacher for many years, during which time I have helped, guided and healed hundreds of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. I have been a speaker at many events and taken part to various podcast and radio shows. I also organise retreats abroad where I take my clients for very healing and wonderful adventures.

My mission is to continue to guide, awaken, heal and help  people to see and acknowledge their inner power and overcome any limiting beliefs. 

I have designed this unique "Exclusive Members Gold Package" just for you, with the intent of offering a few of my services bundled up in one unique package at a unique cost!


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I have created an extraordinary and exclusive program for my Members only.

In this program, I have included: 


Two - 90 min each - Mindset, Life & Spiritual Coaching sessions per month, either in person following the covid health guidance or via zoom in the comfort of your own home.


Monday Mantras and Healing Affirmations, sent to your inbox.


Tuesday Mindfulness exercises, sent to your inbox.


Wednesday Zoom meeting with me where we will be discussing all the achievements made, updates, Q&As and other important and empowering topics. 


Thursday guided Meditation, via Zoom.


Friday Angel Reading, via zoom.

A chance to win a stay at one of my retreats in Italy.

Subscribe for only £350 per month. 3 months and 6 months packages are also available. Subscriptions are not contract based and therefore can be cancelled at any given time.

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